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Philips Smart WIFI Aura LED Downlight WiZ Connected- 10W/15W (Tunable White + Dimmable)

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Philips Smart WIFI Aura LED Downlight comes in 10W and 15W variants and supports Tunable White light (Warm White, Day White and Cool White). It is Wirelessly Dimmable, Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Create the perfect light scene using warm to cool light for your everyday needs.


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Philips WiZ Aura TW Wi-Fi LED Downlighter – 10W/15W (Tunable White + Dimmable)

Upgrade your lighting game with the Philips Smart WIFI Aura LED Downlight, a true marvel of modern illumination technology. This versatile and innovative downlight allows you to fine-tune your lighting to perfection, wirelessly and effortlessly, thanks to the seamless app control through WIFI.

About this item

  • Fitting: Minimal trim for a seamless fit (Height: 47mm).
  • Diffuser: Recessed diffuser for low glare.
  • Body: Metal body(Aluminum die-cast) with accelerated heat dissipation for longer life.
  • Silver Ring: The inner side silver ring makes Philips WiZ Aura Style Edge Downlight a unique, decorative downlighter.
  • Thin Trim: The thinnest trim(4-5mm) in the market – blends seamlessly with the false-ceiling.
  • Electrical Stability: Able to handle wide voltage fluctuations from 160-360V AC and surges up to 2KV, i.e. lower failure rates.
  • Applications: Living Room, Corridor, Display, Shop etc.
  • Multi-Functional: Set Scenes, Rhythms and Schedules, dim the light and switch between different white color temperatures (3000k-6500k) with the WiZ App.
  • Control From Anywhere: Control your light from anywhere with the WiZ App. Operate your light remotely even when you are out.
  • Light Colour: Tunable White (Continuous CCT variation – Warm White, Daylight and Cool White).
  • EyeComfort: EyeComfort LEDs are designed to reduce glare, flicker and strobe, ensuring complete comfort for the eyes.
  • Voice Control: Control lights with your voice using Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.
  • App Support: Only works with the WiZ app, available on Android and iOS.
  • Wi-Fi Requirement: Requires a secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection.
  • Pairing: Bluetooth connectivity ensures a faster device provisioning.
  • Power On Behavior: Supports WiZclick and Last status memory.
  • WiZclick: Access two favorite light modes at the flick of your switch and adjust the brightness at power on.
  • Last Status Memory: If enabled, the Philips WiZ Aura Downlight stays in the same last power state after a power outage.
  • Lamp Shape: Round
  • Lamp Cut-out:-
    • 10W: 4.3 inch (110 mm)
    • 15W: 5.4 inch (137 mm)
  • Nominal Luminous Flux:  @6500K CCT :-
    • 10W: 900 lumen, 90 lm/W
    • 15W: 1425 lumen, 95 lm/W

Philips Smart WIFI Aura LED Downlight: Elevate Your Lighting Experience

Upgrade your lighting to the future with the Philips Smart WiFi Aura LED Downlight. With its blend of innovative technology, energy efficiency, and lasting performance, this downlight not only illuminates your space but transforms it into a haven of comfort and style. Illuminate your life, the Philips way.

Key Features:-

  • Advanced Connectivity: Experience upgraded technology with a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ensuring top-notch performance and a smoother user experience. Say goodbye to connectivity hiccups.
  • Versatile Control: The Philips Smart WIFI Aura Downlight offers multiple ways to operate. Use the dedicated app for convenient control, or effortlessly command your lighting using voice-controlled devices. You can also opt for a WiZ Remote Control (WiZmote available separately) or rely on traditional wall switches. Flexibility at its finest.
  • Memory Feature: Never lose your preferred lighting mode again. The memory feature retains your chosen settings even after an interval or power interruption, ensuring your lighting is always just the way you like it.
  • Sleek Aesthetics: The silver ring of Philips Smart WIFI Aura downlight adds a touch of elegance to your space, making it not just a light source but a decorative element that complements your décor seamlessly.
  • Slim Profile: The downlight boasts the slimmest trim in the market, ensuring it blends perfectly with your false ceiling, creating a clean and unobtrusive look.
  • Energy Efficiency: With a lumen efficacy exceeding 90 lumens per watt, the WiZ Aura LED Downlight maximizes brightness while minimizing energy consumption, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Built to Last: The Aluminum die-cast body efficiently dissipates heat, enhancing overall performance and ensuring longevity. This WiZ Aura LED Downlight is built to stand the test of time.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The recessed diffuser design minimizes glare, providing better eye comfort and creating a soothing ambiance in your living space.

With the Philips WiZ Aura Downlight, you have more freedom than ever to customize your lighting. Easily change the lighting and color temperature to fit any situation or mood. This Philips WiZ Aura TW DL offers countless options, from brilliant and stimulating lighting for active gatherings to warm and soothing white light for a relaxing evening.

Say goodbye to complicated installations and tangled wiring. This Philips WiZ Aura Downlight is made to be simple to install.

The Philips WiZ app, which is user-friendly and accessible on both iOS and Android, can be used to easily control your lights after it is connected to your home WIFI network. With just one swipe on your smartphone, you can easily turn on or off your lights, change the settings, and create routines.

The Philips WiZ Aura Downlight will enhance your lifestyle and make your house smarter. Accept the power of creativity, practicality, and effectiveness in one outstanding lighting solution. Upgrade to a really intelligent lighting experience right away!

The Philips WiZ Aura TW DL will transform the way you live. Purchase one today to gain unprecedented control over your lighting. With just a touch, illuminate every corner of your environment!

Philips Smart WIFI Aura LED DownlightPhilips Smart WIFI Aura LED Downlight

Philips WiZ Smart Light
Philips WiZ Smart Light
Philips WiZ Smart Light

WiZclick: Power switches made smarter

WiZclick is a way to make any existing hardware switch smarter. Your Philips Smart WIFI Aura LED Downlight is clever, and able to react to how you use the switch:

  • Turn ON the light once, and it will be in the WiZclick light Mode 1
  • Turn ON the light a second time within 5 seconds, and it will be in the WiZclick light Mode 2.

This allows you to access the two light modes of your choice at the flick of your switch.

Power outage recovery

Philips Smart WIFI Aura LED Downlight

By default, WiZ lights turn on when they are powered on and WiZclick feature is enabled. Depending on the Power-on behavior option you have selected, they will either adopt one of their favorite modes or their previous light status before they were powered off.

The WiZclick feature can occasionally create disturbances if your home is subject to power outages or brown outs, especially during the night. You may not want your lights to turn back on and wake you up.
Or if you have a holiday home, you may want to make sure your lights stay off when you are away.

Go to your device Settings, under Power switch section, choose Last status.

Alternatively, in your home Settings in your WiZ app. you can enable Power outage recovery (tap on the “Others” tile in WiZ V2 app).

When this option is active, lights which get powered off while they were turned off, in night light or in bedtime mode will not turn back on when the power comes back. If you need to turn them back on with the power switch, power on quickly twice in a row.

Remember, this setting is global and affects all lights in your home.

Download WiZ App

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Specification: Philips Smart WIFI Aura LED Downlight WiZ Connected- 10W/15W (Tunable White + Dimmable)

Product Details

HSN Code

Part Number / Item Code

929003667501, 929003667601

Model Number

582109, 582110

Model Name

Philips Smart WIFI Aura LED Downlight




Aluminium Die-Cast

Power Source

AC Mains, Corded Electric (Open Wire)

Intended Use


Driver Included?
Smart Features
Communication Type
Controller Type
Voice Assistants
Supported OS


Supported Apps

Advanced Hardware Features

Bluetooth for faster paring

Special Software Features

Circadian Rhythm Feature, EyeComfort, No hub required, Scheduling, Tunable White Ambience

Power On Behavior

Last Power State, WiZclick

Dimming Control
Dimming Type

Wireless Dimming

Smart Lighting Features
Light Color

Tunable White

Light Color Category

Tunable White (CCT)

Color Temperature

3000K – 6500K

Light Specifications
Lamp Type

LED Array

Lamp Shape


Fixing Type


Lamp Cut-out

10W: 110 mm (4 inch), 15W: 150 mm (6 inch)

LED Driver Type

External Driver Module

Light Technology


Light Diffuser


Color Rendering Index (CRI)


Nominal Luminous Flux

10W: 900 lumen, 15W: 1425 lumen

Light Efficacy

10W: 90 lm/W, 15W: 95 lm/W


10W, 15W

Average Life

25 years (at 2.7 hrs/day)

Nominal Lifetime

25,000 Hours

Electrical Rated Values
Input Voltage

AC 160V-360V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

10W, 15W

Network Connectivity
Supported Wi-Fi Bands


Wi-Fi Security

WPA / WPA2 – Personal

In The Box
Package Contents

1 x WiZ Wi-Fi Downlighter

Product Warranty
Warranty Period

2 Years

Service Type

Carry In, Onsite, By courier

Warranty Coverage

Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Not Covered

Physical Damage, Water Damage

Additional Information
Customer Care Address

Signify Innovations India Limited, c/o Mangalam Business Center, 22, Camac Street, Block B, 6th Floor, Kolkata – 700016, West Bangal, India

Customer Care Phone

0008000507777 (Toll Free)

Customer Care Email


Weight230 g
Dimensions16 × 16 × 5 cm

Pairing Process Overview

Smart Pairing – RTP (Ready-to-Pair)

Smart Pairing – WiZclick

Having trouble in setting up Philips WiZ light?

Watch this video to learn more about Manual Paring.

How to set up lights

How to access your WiZ Home in WiZ app V2

How to create Scenes

How to enable SpaceSenseᵀᴹ

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